Checklist: Submitting an App with Ads to the Windows Store


When you use the Microsoft Advertising Services, adding AdControls to your app is the easy part of the job (see my posts with a sample showing all the available ad types and how to configure AdControls to make it easy to switch between test mode and production ad).

The harder part from my point of view is to comply with the terms and conditions to submit an app using Microsoft Advertising Services to the Windows Store.

To have a list ready for the next time, I have collected all the things required especially for apps with ads here. Please remind that the list might not reflect the latest changes. So use the links below to verify the requirements.

The List

Check Privacy Statement in your app: Your app must have a privacy statement included. Use the Settings charm to add one. Depending on what kind of data your app is collecting and/or giving to third parties, the content of the privacy statement might defer. For a sample on how to add items to the Settings charm, have a look at my post Implement Settings Popup Pages for Windows Store Apps.

Check Link to Advertisment Choice in your app: You must ensure that this link,, is accessible from your App after installation, such as by including this link in the Settings charm or in your own privacy policy.

Check Microsoft Advertising User Opt Out through Settings charm: will be included automatically when using the latest Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8. It was introduced by the June 2013 release. Great thing, really no need to do anything by yourself.

Check Age Notification in the App Store description: Your Windows 8 apps must have an Age rating of at least 12+ in the Windows Store to receive Ads.

Check Additional license terms in the App Store description: This text is required: This app is supported by ads from Microsoft Advertising. Learn more about Microsoft’s privacy practices and your choices. Learn more link:

Check Privacy Policy in the App Store description: You need to add a link to your company’s privacy policy here.

Check Description’s First Paragraph in the App Store description should contain a summary. It is this part that is displayed as the description in the app overview of the Windows Store. All the rest is only shown when the user clicks “Read more”. So make sure the first paragraph contains the main features of the app. And don’t use too many words. The text might get truncated in the overview.

Check Have relevant content on the first page. Otherwise, the Windows Store testers might refuse the certification because the app did not appear to provide value or did not seem useful.

Check Support the Windows Store testers by giving relevant information in the notes to the testers. Sometimes, it is also helpful to shortly describe from your perspective what the value of the app is.


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