Factory Commander Available in Windows Store

Instance Factory’s file commander for Windows 8.1, Factory Commander, is now available in the Windows Store.

Factory Commander is a side by side file management app. Multiple tabs can be created to manage different file locations within the same window. Of course, copy, move, delete, permanent delete, and rename are supported. Folders can be created too. Strong keyboard support is integrated to be highly productive.

The Factory Commander monitors changes of folder content in the background and automatically updates the view.

The features are:

  • Side by side file management (dual pane)
  • Mutiple tabs
  • Background monitoring of folder content changes
  • Copy, move, rename, delete, permanent delete of files and folders
  • Folder creation
  • Strong keyboard support for higher productivity
  • Keyboard, mouse, and touch support
  • Launch files

You can find the Factory Commander here.

Factory Commander Screenshot