Tired Of Office / Visual Studio Yelling!

Have you already installed Office 2013 and / or Visual Studio 2012? And are you one of the “old-fashioned” internet guys who understand UPPERCASE as yelling? Then you might feel uncomfortable when you are looking at the headings of Office’s and Visual Studio’s ribbon bar.

Thankfully, others were already tired of too, so there is an almost simple solution.

For Office, go to www.dreamwalkerblog.com/blog/2012/12/fix-the-casing-on-new-microsoft-applications/, download the zip file, and run it. Maybe have a look at it prior to execution, it might contain a virus 😉 At the time of writing it didn’t. It was just copying a few files. This saves you from manually editing the ribbon bar, as described in www.askvg.com/how-to-get-rid-of-all-caps-tab-titles-in-microsoft-office-2013-ribbon/.

To change Visual Studio, one has to set a registry key, as described in blogs.msdn.com/b/zainnab/archive/2012/06/14/turn-off-the-uppercase-menu-in-visual-studio-2012.aspx. The zip file mentioned above includes this too. But you should remove the registry settings you do not need. Maybe you have to open the command line as an administrator. On my machine, that part did not work, but it’s really easy to use regedit.

And to see what the community thinks about this “feature”, see social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/eu/officedevpreview/thread/39b4b762-5ffa-4306-8c6a-7811d022334a.

Update 2013-07-31: Configure VS 2013 (Preview)
Found a good description at Stack Overflow. Just setting the registry key like done for VS2012 did not work on my machine. I installed the VSCommands.