First Pull Request for Microsoft’s Microservices Sample Reference Application eShopOnContainers merged

Having Microsoft’s .NET Microservices Sample Reference Application eShopOnContainers started the first time on my local machine, I was not able to login.

Looking at the already reported issues, I noticed that this was a known error. Also, the solution was known. Back in 2018, it was reported on GitHib that is deprecated. The proper value now is host.docker.internal. This value needs to be changed in one of the config files of the app.

To my surprise, this change was not reflected by the code of eShopOnContainers. As only three lines within a single file has to be changed, I raised an issue and, after confirmation by the dev team, I created my first pull request to update the code and help others to get the app running right after compiling it.

I’m happy to say that the pull request was merged to the dev branch of the application 🙂

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